Recipe Box Specials for the Week of 3.2.15

Post By Irv Cernauskas
Feb. 27. 2015
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Kofta Soup with Meatballs and Spinach

Serves 4



1 lb ground Turkey*

1 Pint concentrated Turkey Stock*

1 lb Yellow Onion, chopped*

1/3 cup fresh Mint, chopped*

2 tsp Turmeric

Salt & Pepper

3 Tbsp Olive Oil

6-8 cloves garlic, minced*

1 Lime, juiced*

½ cup Cilantro, chopped*

1 bunch Scallions, chopped*

2-3 cups Spinach, shredded into fine strips*





Combine half of the onion, half of the garlic and all of the mint in a food processor until ground. Then add turkey meat, 1 tsp of the turmeric, salt, pepper and 1 Tbsp of olive oil and either process in the food processor or knead together by hand. When the meat and spices are well incorporated into a paste-like consistency. Let sit in the fridge for 15-20 minutes. Saute the rest of the onion in the rest of the olive oil over medium heat until translucent then add the rest of the garlic, the rest of the turmeric and grind of pepper and saute for another couple of minutes. Add the concentrated turkey stock to the pan and heat until the consistency loosens, then add 3-4 cups of warm water and stir until completely diluted. Bring to a boil , then reduce heat and simmer for about 10 minutes, salting to taste. Form small walnut-sized meatballs  with wet hands and set aside – the recipe should yield about 20-24 small meatballs. Bring the broth back to a rolling boil and gently add the meatballs to the pot, stirring gently. Simmer for 12 minutes, stirring a couple times. When done, meatballs will rise to the top, after 12 minutes add the spinach and cook for about 2 minutes then add half of the scallions and cilantro and all of the lime juice. Season with salt to taste. Garnish with the rest of the cilantro and scallions as a perfectly balanced warm soup that is chock full of flavor.


*Items included in the Recipe Box

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Fresh Picks Recipes for the Week of 3.2

Post By Irv Cernauskas
Feb. 27. 2015
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We expect the following Vegetables in our Veg/Fruit Mini Boxes

Item / Farm / Quantity (Depending on box size)


Green Kale / Non-Local / 1-2 bunches


Spicy Kale with Parmesan: Heat a pan with olive oil and add chopped kale and toss in the pan until wilted. Add broth to the pan and cover, simmering for about 12 minutes, until kale is tender and broth has reduced. Mix cooked kale with red pepper flakes and parmesan and season with salt and pepper and serve as a simple but robust side dish.


Broccoli / Non-Local / 1-2 bunches


Roasted Broccoli and Apple Salad: Chop broccoli and drizzle in olive oil and salt and pepper. Place on a baking sheet and roast at 400F for 25 minutes, or until tender and caramelized on the edges. Slice shallots and combine with smashed garlic, apple cider vinegar, sea salt and maple syrup and let sit for a quick pickling. Combine broccoli with sliced apples, pecans and shallots and a splash of the pickling liquid and toss with salt and pepper. Serve as a tasty side or main dish.


Scallions / Non-Local / 1 bunch


Loaded Mashed Potatoes: Quarter potatoes and boil in salted water until tender, about 15 minutes, then drain. Mash potatoes and fold in butter, sour cream, pepper, shredded cheddar cheese, chopped green onion, and crumbles of cooked bacon. Add heavy cream and mix, adding more as necessary to reach desired consistency. Season to taste then place in a casserole dish and add more cheese and bake at 350 for 20 minutes, or until heated through. Garnish with more bacon and green onion and serve as a decadent side dish.


Red Potatoes / IGL Brothers Antigo, WI / 1-2 lbs


Ranch Potato Salad with Sausage: Boil potatoes until fork tender then drain and set aside. Slice sausage and grill or sear until lightly browned on each side. Quarter boiled potatoes and toss with olive oil, minced garlic and salt. Grill or sear the potatoes until the sides are crisped. Make a dressing with Greek Yogurt, Ranch dressing, pepper, and fresh dill. Toss the dressing with the potatoes and sausage and serve immediately!


Garlic / Non-Local / 1-5 each


Skillet Garlic & Brie Dip: Heat olive oil in a cast iron skillet and add chunks of brie cheese. Chop garlic and rosemary and combine with olive oil and then spoon the mixture over the cheese. Place the skillet in the oven and bake at 375F for 6-8 minutes or until melted and bubbly. Sprinkle with fresh thyme and serve with a crusty baguette.

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Post By Irv Cernauskas
Feb. 21. 2015
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Taco Tuesday, Taco Thursday, Taco Everyday! Who doesn't love some tacos?!?! Here's some helpful tips on building your own taco out of just about anything, along with some facts that clearly demonstrate why tacos are the superior food group! 

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