8 oz. Stone-ground locally made with ... Mustard, Local Folks Red Jalapeno $4.99
Certified Organic from Spectrum. Mayonnaise 16 oz $5.99
5 oz. Co-Op Sauce Chicago, IL. You kn... Hot Sauce, Chi-racha $5.99
Country Fresh Garden Salsa from Local... Salsa, 12 oz. Medium $4.95
Reduced sodium from San-J. Tamari 20 oz $11.98
NEW! From That Pickle Guy. Fresh Pick... Pickles, Garlic Spears 32 oz $8.99
5 oz. Co-Op Sauce Chicago, IL. A clas... Hot Sauce, The Barrel $5.99
Great for seafood. 8 oz. Key Lime Ci... Sauce, Taco Key Lime Cilantro $3.15
Amp up your tacos by adding the fresh... Sauce, Taco Beef Seasoning $3.15
Locally made without corn syrup! Fro... Ketchup, 18 oz. $4.95
14.5 oz. Certified Organic from Calif... Tomatoes, Whole Peeled Canned $3.79
28 oz. Certified Organic from Made Wi... Tomatoes, Diced large $3.99