With Indiana honey - No corn syrup, G... Apple Butta BBQ Sauce, 18 oz. $5.95
With just a little Habanero heat - No... BBQ Habanero Sauce, 18 oz. $5.95
NEW! From River Valley Ranch, WI. Giardiniera, 16 oz $7.50
5 oz. Co-Op Sauce Chicago, IL. Carrot... Hot Sauce, Carrot Habanero $5.59
5 oz. Co-Op Sauce Chicago, IL. You kn... Hot Sauce, Chi-racha $5.59
5 oz From Co-Op Sauce. This sauce is ... Hot Sauce, Jalapeno Lime $5.59
5 oz. Co-Op Sauce Chicago, IL. The mo... Hot Sauce, Poblano $5.59
Premium pasta sauce from Del Grosso. ... Marinara Pasta Sauce 24 oz. $4.99
Certified Organic from Spectrum. Mayonnaise 16 oz $5.99
Locally made from mushrooms grown and... Mushrooms, Garlic Pickled $8.99
Perfect accent for Martinis! Locally... Mushrooms, Spicy Pickled $8.99
8 oz. Stone-ground locally made with ... Mustard, Local Folks Red Jalapeno $4.99