Average 3/4lb per pack. Great for Sou... Chicken, Backs per pack $2.49
and Skinless avg. 1 lb. Local free-ra... Chicken, Boneless Breast $8.95
Local free-range without added hormon... Chicken, Drumsticks 4/pack $8.95
Great for Gravy! Local with no added... Chicken, Livers 1 lb. $3.99
Bone-in and Skin-on. Local free-rang... Chicken, Thighs $11.95
Local pastured from All Grass Farms, ... Chicken, Whole $19.95
Easy, Tasty & Economical!! Simply Bak... Chicken, Wings 4/pack $4.95
Local free range duck from Gunthorp F... Duck, Boneless Breast $10.49
Chefs' mainstay!! 1 Quart of slowly ... Turkey Bone Broth $10.99
Nice smoked flavor reminiscent of ham... Turkey Drumstick Smoked 2/pack $9.95
Local free-range from Gunthorp Farm I... Turkey Whole 17 - 18 lbs $87.50
Local free-range from Gunthorp Farm, ... Turkey Whole from 13 to 15 lbs $69.95