1lb of local & pasture raised ground ... Slagel Ground Beef $9.49 ($9.49/lb)
Local, humanely raised with no added ... Slagel Ground Pork $8.99 ($8.99/lb)
Delicious, cut chicken wings. No adde... Harrison's Chicken Wings per lb. $5.49 ($5.49/lb)
Skin off. Frozen. 8 oz Norwegian Atlantic Salmon $11.99
Wild-caught in the Great Lakes. High ... Wild-caught Whitefish per lb. $11.99
Family-farm raised on organic feed wi... Harrison's Chicken Drumsticks per lb. $6.89 ($4.59/lb)
Local, antibiotic-free boneless and s... Miller Farms Chicken Breast per lb. $7.99 ($7.99/lb)
Harrison's Poultry all-natural, delic... Harrison's Greek Fryer Chicken per lb. $6.99 ($6.99/lb)
All Natural Boneless and Skinless chi... Chicken Breast Boneless/Skinless per lb $10.99
Local and humanely raised on open lot... Slagel Boneless Pork Shoulder per lb. $7.29
1 lb. chub ground turkey. Raised wit... Ferndale Market Ground Turkey $6.49
Local and pasture-raised from Slagel ... Slagel Sirloin Filet Steak 2-Pack $18.00