Locally grown from Living Waters Farm... Arugula, Baby 5 oz. $3.99
The very first of the local 2022 harv... Asparagus 1lb bunch $7.99
Certified Organic, CA. Broccoli, bunch $4.49
Certified Organic Broccoli, fresh cut... Broccoli, Fresh Cut 8oz $4.99
Certified Organic, CA. Broccoli, Frozen 9 oz $4.29
Certified Organic from EarthBound. Butternut Squash, Frozen 10 oz $4.59
Certified Organic Cabbage, Green $3.75
Certified Organic Cabbage, Red $3.75
Certified Organic, CA. Carrots, 1 lb $1.99
Certified Organic,CA Carrots, Baby 1lb. $2.49
Certified Organic Carrots, Rainbow 1 lb $2.49
Certified Organic, CA Cauliflower $5.99