Certified Organic Green Kale, 1 bunch Green Kale $2.99
Organic red onion, each. Organic Red Onion $1.39
Yellow onion, each Organic Yellow Onion $1.59
Certified organic bunch, "black" Ital... Lacinato Kale $2.99
Organic radish bunch. Radish Bunch $2.99
Certified Organic Tomatoes, Cherry 1 pint $3.95
Organically grown fennel bulb sold in... Fennel $3.99
1lb of certified organic JUST THE BEE... Gold Beets 1 lb. $2.65
Certified Organic Baby Bok Choi per lb. $3.19
Organic asparagus sold in a 1lb. bunch. Asparagus $5.99
Perfect for baked potatoes! Certified... Russet Potatoes 5 lbs. $7.99
3 Organic Romaine Hearts per pack. Romaine Hearts 3 ct. $4.99