Sweet and crisp, blush color. Certifi... Apples "Cripps Pink" each $1.25
Certified Organic Apples Braeburn each $1.25
Certified Organic Apples Fuji each $1.35
Small size apple, locally grown from ... Apples Gala each $1.00
Certified Organic Apples Granny Smith $1.35
Locally grown from Mick Klug Farm, St... Apples Honey Crisp each $1.45
The most outstanding feature of a Zes... Apples Zestar each $1.25
Pies! Sauce! Good Eating! May have ... Apples, blemished $0.49
Local, great source of antioxidants, ... Aronia Berries, dried 5 oz. $6.50
Certified Organic Avocado, Haas $1.95
Certified Organic, imported Banana each $0.69
Certified Transitional Organic from E... Blueberries, frozen 1 pint $4.95