Local from Slagel Farm,IL. Average 1.... Beef Shank/Soup Bone per lb $8.99
Local 100% Grass-Fed from Goldmine Fa... Beef Top Sirloin Steak $17.99
Local Humanely raised with no added h... Pork, Ground 1 lb. $8.99
Local and pasture-raised from Goldmin... Beef, Sirloin Tip Roast $11.99
Delicious, cut chicken wings. No adde... Chicken Wings, per lb. $5.49
Family-farm raised on organic feed wi... Chicken, Drumsticks 6/pack $6.89
This uncured boneless deli sliced ham... Pork, Usinger's Black Forest Ham 6 oz. $4.99
This traditional, Old World summer sa... Beef, Usinger's Summer Sausage 12 oz. $7.99
Hand-trimmed, uncured boneless ham sw... Pork, Usinger's Apple Smoked Honey Ham $4.99
Fresh (uncooked), coarsely ground lea... Usinger's Italian Sausage $7.99
Fresh (uncooked) home-style Bratwurst... Usinger's Fresh Bratwurst $7.99
Fresh (uncooked) pork links stuffed ... Pork, Usinger's Polish Sausage 4 per lb $7.99