Fresh (uncooked), coarsely ground lea... Usinger's Italian Sausage $7.99
Fresh (uncooked) home-style Bratwurst... Usinger's Fresh Bratwurst $7.99
One of the signature sausages that Us... Usinger's Hot Dogs $6.99
Also known as Frankfurter. Extra jui... Usinger's All Beef Hot Dogs $7.49
Local 100% Grass-Fed from Slagel Fami... Slagel Top Sirloin Steak $11.99
Local & pasture raised beef from Sla... Slagel Filet Mignon $39.99 ($39.99/lb)
Family-size, whole boneless pork loin... Slagel Whole Boneless Pork Loin per lb. $11.99 ($11.99/lb)
Local & pasture-raised beef from Slag... Slagel NY Strip Steak per lb. $26.25 ($24.99/lb)
Local from Slagel Farm,IL. Average 1.... Slagel Beef Shank/Soup Bone per lb. $8.99 ($8.99/lb)
Local, humanely raised pork spare rib... Slagel Spare Ribs per lb. $18.99 ($6.99/lb)
Locally raised, 100% grass fed from S... Slagel Beef Kidney per lb. $5.79 ($5.79/lb)
Beef Liver from Slagel Family Farm! P... Slagel Beef Liver per lb. $8.99 ($8.99/lb)