Local free range from Noah Miller, IL... Chicken Whole $4.99
Drum, split, and wingtip connected. L... Chicken Wings 6/pack $8.50
Similar to Salmon, Wild caught in the... Fish Lake Trout Fillet $11.25
Local avg .85 lb. Beautiful Rainbow T... Fish Rainbow Trout fillet $16.49
Local and Ready to eat! Beautiful Ra... Fish Smoked Trout Fillet $25.95
Wild caught in the clear waters of no... Fish Walleye fillet $14.99
Sockeye Wild Salmon. Naturally smoked... Fish, Smoked Salmon 4 oz $9.99
Wild caught in the US. Sustainable. Fish, Sockeye Salmon 6 oz $6.99
4 links per pack, avg 0.8lb total. Lo... Pork Chorizo, Links $8.99
4 links, approx 1 lb. Pastured Berksh... Pork, Apple Brats $8.95
Local pasture raised, without GMOs, h... Pork, Bacon avg 1 lb $11.99
avg 1 lb. Uncured, nitrate-free small... Pork, Bacon Ends $7.99