Local Humanely raised with no added h... Pork, Ground 1 lb. $8.99
4 Links, Local & humanely raised with... Pork, Hot Italian Sausage $8.99
Local humanely raised with no added h... Pork, Slagel Baby Back Ribs per lb. $27.99
Humanely raised, vegetable & grain fe... Pork, Slagel Boneless Chop, each $15.99
Local and humanely raised on open lot... Pork, Slagel Boneless Pork Shoulder $7.29
Local humanely raised Ribs, with no a... Pork, Spare Ribs $14.99
Family-size, whole boneless pork loin... Pork, Whole Boneless Loin per lb. $11.99
A southern Spanish style salami with ... Salami, Chorizo $7.99
An Old World, French style salami mad... Salami, Saucisson Sec $7.99
A Roman style salami made with white ... Salami, Soppressata $7.99
An Italian style salami made with red... Salami, Spicy Finnochiona $7.99
Wild Caught Argentine Red Shrimp from... Shrimp, Wild Caught 2lb $32.49