A rotating selection of the best Loca... CSA Meat Share Large $200.00
Noah raises small flocks of free rang... Noah Miller Whole Cut-up Chicken $24.99 ($4.29/lb)
Local from Slagel Farm, IL. Average w... Slagel Flank Steak per lb. $15.99 ($15.99/lb)
1lb of local & pasture raised ground ... Slagel Ground Beef $9.99 ($9.99/lb)
Local pasture raised beef from Slagel... Slagel Short Ribs per lb. $10.99 ($10.99/lb)
Local, pasture-raised from Slagel Fam... Slagel Beef Chuck Roast per lb. $12.99 ($12.99/lb)
Local, humanely raised beef Korean sh... Slagel Korean Short Ribs per lb. $11.99 ($11.99/lb)
Delicious, cut chicken wings. No adde... Harrison's Chicken Wings per lb. $10.99 ($5.49/lb)
Local, Butterfly Pork Chops from Alli... Allison Centennial Butterfly Pork Chop $13.99
Local Ground Steak, Free-Range from A... Allison Centennial Lean Ground Beef $10.99 ($10.99/lb)
Local, free-range pork breakfast link... Allison Centennial Pork Breakfast Links $9.99
Harrison's Chicken Tenders are hand c... Harrison's Chicken Tenderloins Per lb. $4.89 ($4.89/lb)