Harrison's Poultry all-natural, delic... Chicken, Greek Marinated 1/2 Fryer $6.99 ($6.99/lb)
Organic, hormone and antibiotic free,... Chicken, Breaded Nuggets $7.99
From Slagel Family Farm! Mix of Chick... Chicken Livers and Hearts $9.99
Locally raised, 100% grass fed from S... Beef Kidney, per lb. $5.79
Beef Liver from Slagel Family Farm! Beef Liver 1 lb. $8.99
Great for Soup Stock! Local, free ran... Chicken Backs & Necks, each $1.99
Local, humanely raised with no added ... Lamb, Leg Bone-in $127.95 ($15.95/lb)
A selection of the best Local Beef, P... Monthly Meat Share $100.00
Local pasture raised from Goldmine Fa... Beef Short Ribs /lb $10.99
Local and humanely raised on open lot... Pork, Slagel Tenderloin $14.99
Uncured Turkey Hot Dogs from Applegat... Turkey, Hot Dogs 6pk $7.99
Italian Sausage 1lb chub from Slagel ... Pork, Italian Sausage bulk, 1lb $8.99