Conventionally grown Persian cucumber... Conventional Persian Cucumbers 1 lb. $1.99
1 bunch of conventionally grown brocc... Conventional Broccoli $3.49
Local zucchini sold individually. Zucchini $1.39
Local organic cucumbers from Garden H... Cucumber $1.39
Certified Organic Garlic 3-Pack $2.99
Local & Certified Organic from Meyer ... Green Kale $2.99
3 Ibs. of bagged organic red potatoes. Red Potatoes 3 lbs. Bag $5.99
Organic Rainbow Carrots in a 2 lbs bag. Rainbow Carrots 2 lbs. Bag $4.49
Locally grown jalapeno peppers sold p... Jalapeno Peppers 1 lb. $3.99
Locally grown Green Cabbage sold indi... Green Cabbage $2.99
Locally grown green beans sold per po... Green Beans 1 lb. $2.99
5 oz. If you think cranberries are to... Dried Cranberries $6.49