Certified Organic, CA Cauliflower $3.99
Organic vine on tomatoes. Tomatoes on the vine 1 lb. $5.99
Organic carrots sold by the pound. Carrots 1 lb. $2.99
Certified Organic Red Leaf Lettuce $2.99
A pack of 3 bananas offer better valu... Bananas 3-Pack $1.99
Certified Organic Romaine Lettuce $2.99
Certified Organic, CA Baby Carrots 1 lb. $2.49
Certified Organic Celery $3.99
Sweet and crisp, blush color. Certifi... Pinks Apple $1.59
Sold individually. The most outstandi... Sweetango Apple $1.49
8 oz. bag of mixed arugula and lettuc... Arugula Lettuce Salad Mix $4.99
8 oz. of delicious organic kale from ... Kale (Frozen) $4.99