Certified Organic,CA Carrots, Baby 1lb. $2.49
Certified Organic Carrots, Rainbow 1 lb $2.49
Certified Organic Chard, Rainbow bunch $2.99
Certified Organic, CA. Corn, Frozen 10 oz $4.99
Calling all juicers and grapefruit lo... Grapefruit, large $2.99
Certified Organic, CA. Green Beans, Frozen 10 oz. $4.99
Certified Organic, "black" Italian va... Kale, Lacinato bunch $2.99
6ct (approximately 2lbs) of juicy Org... Lemons, 6ct. (avg. 2 lbs.) $5.99
Certified Organic, CA. Mango, Frozen 10 oz $6.99
Certified Organic Lettuce Green Leaf $2.99
Certified Organic Lettuce, Red Leaf $2.99
Get a 1 lb bag of limes for a great p... Limes, 1 lb bag $5.29 $3.99