Organic red onions, 3-pack. Organic Red Onion, 3-Pack $3.99
Locally grown Black Radish sold by th... Local Black Radish 1 lb. $2.99
10 oz. of certified organic mango fro... Mango (Frozen) $6.99
Certified Organic, CA Spinach Bunch $3.99
8 oz. of mixed baby red leaf, green l... Spring Salad Mix $4.99
8 oz. bag of microgreens, mixed baby ... Sweet Crunch Salad Mix $4.99
Organic pre-washed Baby Spinach in an... Organic Baby Spinach 16 oz. $7.99
Conventionally grown Satsuma Mandarin... Conventional Satsuma Orange 1 lb. $2.99
Local & Certified Organic from Statel... Local Organic Spaghetti Squash $2.99
Organic Bartlett Pear sold individually. Bartlett Pear $1.29
Local Organic from Stateline, IA Local Blue Potato 1 lb. $2.49
Organic zucchini sold individually. Zucchini $1.49