Certified Organic Apple Fuji, each $1.25
Certified Organic Apple Gala each $1.25
Certified Organic Apple Granny Smith, each $1.29
Certified Organic. Juicy, crisp and d... Apple Honeycrisp, each $1.59
Certified Organic Apple, Honeycrisp 2lb bag $8.99 ($3.99/lb)
Sweet and crisp, blush color. Certifi... Apple, Pinks each $1.39
Local, great source of antioxidants, ... Aronia Berries, Frozen 1 pint $7.75
Locally grown from Living Waters Farm... Arugula, Baby 5 oz. $3.99
The very first of the local 2022 harv... Asparagus 1lb bunch $7.99
Certified Organic Avocado, Haas $2.39
Certified Organic, imported Banana, each $0.79
A pack of 3 bananas offer better valu... Bananas, 3-Pack $2.09