Traders Point Creamery

Fritz & Jane Kunz
Zionsville, IN
Certified Organic & Grass Fed

The Farm 
Passing through Traders Point Creamery in Zionsville, Indiana, one can see herds of beautiful Brown Swiss cows grazing on 400 acres of open pasture.  These are some of the healthiest and happiest cows around, feeding entirely on fresh grass. Traders Point officially opened their doors in 2003 by husband and wife, Fritz and Jane Elder Kunz.  Jane inherited the land from her grandparents in 1997 and began the transition to a certified organic operation in 2000.  The farm is still family owned and operated today. 

The Traders Point artisan creamery and dairy farm produce a distinct line of organic and grass-fed products, many of which we carry here at Fresh Picks, including their whole and chocolate milk, yogurts in five different flavors, and their cottage and Fromage Blanc cheese.   The unique taste and quality of these products begins with the special treatment and care for the cows.  Herds are divided into two groups- those that are being milked and those that are not.  The dry heard rests during pregnancy while the milking herd is hard at work. All cows are on the same grazing cycle, but only one herd is selected to milk at a time. The heifers, or younger cows, graze and play with the others, but are not old enough to give birth or milk. Farmers begin the first milking of the day at 5:30am.  It typically takes 4-5 hours for all the cows to be milked, before the second milking begins at 4pm.  Farm manager, Michael Barnes, has overseen the health and maintenance of the cows for three years.  Barnes is also heavily responsible for transitioning Traders Point into an entirely grass-fed operation. Although production does slow during the winter months, 60-90 cows on average are milked daily throughout the year.  The return of summer brings higher milk volume allowing the farm to produce their award winning cheeses and ice cream. 

Traders Point has a number of barns on premise where their cows, pigs, and a few free-range chickens call home.  Two of these barns date back from the1800’s where they were originally built on Amish farms in Northern Indiana.  They were torn down, carefully placed on trucks, and reassembled on Traders Point land.  The farm hosts their weekly Saturday morning Winter Organic Green Market in their Red Barn where dozens of other neighboring farms are invited to sell their sustainable goods.  The farm transitions to a separate Summer Market with evening hours and new vendors. Breakfast is also served during the market in their restaurant and dairy bar, The Loft. Open for lunch, dinner, and brunch service, The Loft is the classic farm-to-table restaurant cooking up the best local fare in town since 2006. The Loft offers live music, weekly specials and hosts special events throughout the year that showcase their exceptional culinary creations and complimentary wine list. 

Holidays are also full of special events beginning with an Oktoberfest fundraiser where the farm serves up festive local foods, arranges hayrides and brings in a polka band.  Proceeds are given to the Traders Point Historic District, a nonprofit organization that helps to conserve the environment around the farm and the surrounding areas in Northwest Indiana.

Farm Practices 
The Kunz’s wanted to ensure their consumers were confident in the health, safety, an ethical production behind Traders Point products.  Being certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) means that no synthetic fertilizers, chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides are ever used to treat the land and no antibiotics or growth hormones are ever given to the animals.  The farm’s team of experts practices the rotational farming system which gradually moves the cows to greener pasture throughout the year.  Rotating the pasture is known to produce perfectly fertile soil, rich in nutrients, and resulting in a diverse blend of grasses, herbs, and flowers for the cows to enjoy.  Cows raised strictly on pasture produce milk rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and Conjugated Linoletic Acid, or CLA’s.  Once the cows are milked, the farmers pasteurize it at the lowest temperatures to maintain the highest level of nutrients, including Beta Carotene and Vitamins A, D and E. 

While supplying an entirely grass-fed product line is largely what makes Traders Point so wonderful, it is also their greatest challenge.  Meeting a grass-fed standard also means there is no grain to further and increase production.  Without the benefit of grain, dairy cows produce significantly less milk.  For this, Traders Point farmers must be extra vigilant to each cow’s health and production quality.

Best of Farming 
The Kunz family wants to supply the market with the healthiest and most delicious dairy products that were grown and processed with an environmental conscious.  Every day all 75 employees work hard towards that goal.  And it is gratifying for everyone on the farm when customers share their stories about how Traders Point products help them live a healthy and more balanced life. 

Through sustainable and low-input agriculture, Traders Point has been “nourishing the land that nourishes us all”, a long-standing family belief and mission that carries on in their extensive community involvement, and various educational programs focused on farming and nutrition.  Take a trip to the creamery and sign up for a self-guided tour that guides you through each of their fields, barns, and processing facilities. Additional tours can even include samplings of their products, hands-on experience milking a cow, or riding with Mr. Kunz on his safari vehicle.  

Even if you’re not in Zionsville any time soon, you can always enjoy their decadent products at Irv and Shelly’s Fresh Picks! 

Last Updated January 2012

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