All Grass Farms

All Grass Farms
Cliff McConville
Dundee, IL
Produce, Eggs

All Grass Farms is a diversified family farm located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, just 45 miles from the high-rise office buildings of downtown Chicago.  The farm produces grass fed beef, raw milk, and pastured eggs, chicken, pork and turkey as well as organically grown vegetables.

 In 2010, Cliff McConville became interested in growing more of his own food after learning about the deteriorating quality of conventional food and our systems to produce it.  The next year, he gave up his daily commute to downtown Chicago, where he was an insurance executive, and began working out of a home office. With an extra 3 hours a day not spent commuting, he purchased four Angus beef calves and 25 Cornish Cross broilers and began rotational grazing them on the 8 acres of his family‘s backyard. Eight Chester White pigs soon were roaming the woods near his house. 

 Interest in Cliff’s products continued to grow, and in 2015, All Grass Farms expanded to 150 acres of leased pastureland and a historic dairy barn located 10-minutes from his home.  Today, the farm is filled with 1,500 free-range hens for eggs, a herd of 50 grass fed beeves, 25 Guernsey milking cows, and produces about 7,000 broiler chickens and 200 hogs per year on rotated pastures.  The farm also grows fresh vegetables and herbs on 10 acres of land under the management of Bob Vierow of Bob’s Fresh and Local.

The way in which All Grass Farms livestock is raised is of key importance.  They raise their animals using the most natural, humane, and environmentally sustainable farming practices possible.  All the livestock are rotated to fresh pastures daily during the growing season. And, all of the vegetables, fruits, and herbs are grown organically, with no synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides, using organic and/or heirloom seeds and farming techniques that build and sustain the soils.