Bittner's Eureka Meat Co.

Bittner’s Meat Co. 
Scott Bittner
Eureka, IL
Meat Processing

In 2005 Bittner’s Meat Company became the only “processing facility” in the state of Illinois to receive its Organic Processing Certificate. In order for a product to be labeled and certified as “organic” the product must have been raised organically and then must be brought to a facility that has been certified to continue the organic label. In such a facility, like Bittner’s, the product comes in live and thus is inspected by the USDA to insure “quality” for human consumption.
Bittner’s Meat Company deals directly with local organic pastures; therefore, all of Bittner’s organic meat is locally raised. Scott, as well as his staff, takes pride in all of their products. Therefore, every item that leaves Bittner’s Meat Company has a 100% guarantee.

The Eureka Locker Service was founded in 1942 by Gary Robenstein. Gary then sold the business to Scott Bittner in 1994. The Bittner family has been in the involved in the “Meat Processing Industry” since 1977 when Scott’s father, Terry Bittner, established the Chenoa Locker. Scott and Terry have a combined experience of over 49 years. This experience contributes to the highest quality products there is to offer.
As the owner of Bittner’s Meat Company, Scott works side by side with his employees on a daily basis. He acts not only as the owner, but as a co-worker as well. Scott is hands on with every aspect of the business and continuously strives for perfection.