Locally made from Local Folks Foods, ... Pizza Sauce, 16 oz. $5.75
Locally made by River Valley Ranch Salsa, Key Lime Mango 16 oz. $8.95
Locally made with cilantro and key li... Salsa, Portabello 16 oz. $7.99
8 oz. Texas Original Taco Skillet Sau... Sauce, Taco Skillet for beef $2.95
Great for seafood. 8 oz. Key Lime Ci... Sauce,Taco Key Lime Cilantro $2.95
28 oz. Certified Organic from Muir Gl... Tomatoes, Diced large $3.99
14.5 oz. Certified Organic from Calif... Tomatoes, Whole Peeled Canned $2.49