Start Picking

  • Produce
    Local and organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and seasonal boxes for healthy eating, cooking, juicing and cleansing.
  • Dairy & Eggs
    Farm fresh milk (including in glass bottles!), cheese, eggs, butter, yogurt, juice, half & half, whipping cream, sour cream.
  • Meat & Fish
    Grass-fed and organic beef, chicken, pork, lamb, duck, turkey and fish.
  • Baked Goods
    Freshly baked breads, bagels, crackers and tortillas.
  • Grocery
    Local and organic prepared meals, coffee, tea & juice, baking products, pasta, tofu & seitan, beans & grains.
  • Fresh Picks Box
    Seasonal fruit and vegetable boxes. Fresh, affordable and just the right size for you starting at $18!
  • Meals
    Warm and serve meals including delicious hand-made dishes from Cooked