A pack of 3 bananas offer better valu... Bananas, 3-Pack $2.09
All Natural Boneless and Skinless chi... Chicken, Thighs Boneless/Skinless per lb $6.99
Local & pasture raised from Slagel Fa... Beef Ground 1lb $8.99
This vegan, delicious and 3lb loaf is... Bread, Harvest Multigrain Wheat Loaf $8.99
Certified Organic Kale, Green $2.99
Locally raised Free Range (pastured),... Eggs, 1 dozen large brown $5.99
Tips are optional but always apprecia... Tip for Drivers & Crew $1.00
Awesome for garlic bread and stuffed ... 5 Cheese Garlic Spread 16 oz. $10.99
North Coast Organic Apple Sauce is m... Apple Sauce 4 pack $4.99
Sweet and crisp, blush color. Certifi... Apple, Pinks each $1.29
Certified Organic Apple Fuji, each $1.25
Certified Organic Apple Gala each $1.25