That Pickle Guy

That Pickle Guy
Greg Frederick
Lisle, IL

That Pickle Guy Products was developed from generations and generations of family recipes. We not only believe in the richness of family, but strive to help you recreate those loving moments each time you and your family sit down for dinner. Our passion comes from using the same old world techniques, but incorporating them into modern day to make tantalizing sensations for you, your family, and friends to enjoy.

Greg Frederick – Founder of That Pickle Guy products is a culinary arts enthusiast who has great passion for creating unforgettable flavor in each dish and every jar he prepares. He discovered his desire to create high end vegetable blends back when he worked in the Wine and Spirits industry. Being transferred down south Greg missed the Chicago-style foods he was so accustomed to. Soon enough, his mom began sending care packages with Chicago style foods until one day a letter arrived with only recipes, family recipes. It was at that point he began experimenting on his own.

His corporate job landed him in the heart of the big easy where Greg befriended several chefs and restaurateurs who allowed him to dabble in their kitchen creating his unique Chicago style blends. It wasn’t long before they introduced him to New Orleans own mouth watering secret Olive Muffalata blend. Soon after, Greg’s passion blossomed as he fine tuned his tasty creations. Then, one year over Mardi Gras, Greg whipped up and jarred a couple batches of his Olive Muffalata and some Giardiniera for some uptown parade parties. “Next thing I knew New Orleans natives were asking where they could get it and that’s when I knew I had gotten it right”.

In 2003, Greg faced a corporate lay off, he moved back to the Chicagoland area and decided to follow his dream of developing his own company, That Pickle Guy Products. Armed with his personal hand-drawn product labels and the sincere encouragement from his family, Greg sold his first batch of That Pickle Guy Products in three local Farmer’s Market’s. His products were an instant success and were launched into 18 different Farmer’s Market’s within the Illinois region. A holiday kiosk followed and paved the way into retail stores.

In 2005, Greg was approached by Whole Foods about carrying That Pickle Guy Products within their Illinois based stores and in three years the product line now is distributed in all the Midwest regions stores. His products are available in over 50 locally based stores, and retailed in states such as Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri and Minnesota (For more detailed retail store info click retail locations).

Now a well known “household brand,” That Pickle Guy Products produces delicious vegetable blends including the popular New Orleans Style Olive Muffalata, Chicago Style Giardiniera and other fresh specialty items. His products are all-natural, Kosher, Gluten Free, Vegetarian and contain No MSG or Trans Fat.