Stateline Produce

Stateline Farms
Harvey Lambright
Lime, IA

Stateline Farms is an Amish co-operative near Cresco, Iowa.  Harvey Lambright is the organizer of the project. The group has about 20 active Amish farmers who provide vegetables and fruits for People’s. The group is about 99% organic, according to Harvey, who notes that more and more Amish farms are getting their organic certification for produce.

Harvey is 57 years old and wears the distinctive Amish-style long whiskers. He has about nine acres in cultivation with tomatoes, potatoes, sweet corn (though the raccoons got most of that), brussels sprouts, and cabbage. He also raises chickens and hogs.

Harvey reports that he decided to go organic when he started noticing an increase in cancer in his family. He didn’t like the thought of all the chemicals conventional farming employed. He figured the organic route would be healthier.