Pleasantland Organic Farm

Pleasantland Organic Farm
Aaron & Courtney Vercler 
Washington, IL

USDA certified organic farm in Washington, Illinois. Offering certified organic vegetables, eggs, and pastured poultry. 
Pleasantland Organic Farm was once a small dairy-farm called Pleasantland Registered Holsteins. In February 2014, a fire claimed the dairy milking barn,  leaving owners Aaron & Courtney Vercler with a weighty decision: rebuild and keep milking cows or change gears. The couple had already been researching transitioning their field crops to organic. The loss of the dairy left 12 acres of pasture unused, as well as free of GMOs, pesticides, and other prohibited substances. This left a unique opportunity to certify those acres as organic in their first year of production. The Verclers always enjoyed gardening and decided to grow organic vegetables for others as well. Pleasantland Organic Farm was born.  The operation has recently grown to include organic  pastured poultry and eggs as well. In addition to their crops and livestock, Aaron & Courtney are raising four beautiful children. Their favorite part of organic farming is watching their children eat wholesome, nutritious, and flavorful organic foods straight from the plant.