Driftless Fresh // Parrfection Produce

Driftless Fresh / Parrfection Produce
Albany WI
David Parr


Parrfection Produce was started by David Parr in 2009 as a result of his lifelong passion for quality local produce and family farms.  His grandparents encouraged his interest in agriculture from an early age, giving him a miniature hoe and rake set and $25 for seeds when he was 5. 

Because of his enthusiasm and success at growing vegetables, he accidentally grew too many peas and radishes and they would go to waste.  By the time he was 16, David found a better use for the extra vegetables – he started selling his produce at the local farmers’ market in downtown Monroe.  After the market closed each day, he would still have extra veggies.  He began talking with local restaurants to see if they wanted to buy his available vegetables.  The orders for produce increased quickly, so David began buying local fruits and vegetables from other growers.

At 19, David launched Parrfection Produce.  He bought an abandoned building in Albany, Wisconsin and set up a retail location selling locally grown fruits, vegetables, and flowers.  The orders for local produce continued to increase and he started selling to hospitals, schools, universities, and grocery stores in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa.  Parrfection Produce continues to grow and we are happy to count you among our satisfied customers!