Mick Klug Farms

Mick Klug Farm
St. Joseph, MI
Mick and Abby Klug

Mick Klug grew up on a 40-acre farm his parents established in the 1930s. He took ownership in 1974, and expanded the land to over 120 acres.  For the past several years, Mick has worked closely with his daughter, Abby Schilling, and son-in-law, Mark, successfully sharing management and ownership responsibilities to ensure the land, operations and customer relationships stay within the family.  In 2018, Mark's brother, Ben Schilling, and sister-in-law, Bae, joined the team.

Mick Klug Farm grows many varieties of fruits and vegetables, employing approximately 25 employees seasonally.  Our families are committed to sustainable agriculture and promoting locally grown produce, and Mick Klug Farm is MAEAP Environmentally verified for our cropping and farmstead systems.    We have provided fresh produce to the Green City Market for over fifteen years and to City of Chicago Farmers Markets for over 30 years.