Living Water Farms

Living Water Farms
Strawn, IL
Kevin and Denise Kilgus
Sprouts and Greens

At the conception of Living Water Farms, we (Kevin and Denise Kilgus) had been married for 26 years and had been blessed with a large family of 8 children.  Our summers were nearly always filled with many outdoor activities revolving around the garden and fruit patches.  Our motto was, “Many hands make light work”, and its adoption was strongly encouraged!  With Kevin’s degrees in agronomy, we always had a ready resource to help deal with any problems that arose with the crops.  Though the kids wouldn’t agree that the work was always fun, as they get older, they look back on those times with some degree of fondness.  All three of our married daughters have gardens, so it must not have been all bad!

Our garden eventually turned into a larger truck patch, with spring, summer and fall crops, which we sold to various local markets.  When the opportunity to grow year-round presented itself, it seemed to be a natural progression for us.  We teamed up with our second daughter and her husband, Mark and Natalie Schneider to build what has become Living Water Farms.  Since we had always included the whole family in our gardening, we brought them all in to help make some of the decisions regarding the farm – including the name! And yes, “Living Water Farms” does have two meanings to us.  The obvious meaning is that our produce is sustained and has its life though the hydroponic waters we feed it.  The second, and most important meaning to us is that we acknowledge that God is our spiritual “Living Water” from Whom all blessings flow and Who gives us our life and sustenance.