Lamer's Dairy

Lamer’s Dairy
Appleton, WI

Lamer’s Dairy is a family owned and operated dairy in Appleton, Wisconsin. Since 1913, five generations of the Lamer’s family have taken pride in producing the highest quality milk and other dairy products. Lamer’s Dairy products are distributed under the Dairyland’s Best name.

Jacob Lamer’s, Sr. started Lamer’s Dairy in 1913 in the village of Kimberly, Wisconsin, and it is still family owned and operated to this day.  In 1913 raw milk was distributed to the villagers in preserve cans which were delivered to customers as members of the family went to school in the morning. The following year, the Lamer’s family began using a horse and buggy as the milk cart.  In 1919 the first truck was purchased. The first milk bottles imprinted with the Lamer’s name were introduced in 1931 and the first mechanical refrigeration in the village was installed in 1932.  Hand-operated milk bottling gave way to automatic equipment and just a year later the Lamer’s family installed equipment to pastueurize milk.  In 1941, Lamer’s Dairy introduced homogenized milk to the village and also doubled the size of their building. In 1950, the building was expanded again and a laboratory was installed for quality testing of all dairy products.  In 1998, the business was moved to the current location on Speel School Road in Appleton, Wisconsin. Today five of the Lamer’s children are actively involved in the business. Two of the next generation work full-time for Lamer’s Dairy and four work part-time while attending high school and college.  

Lamer’s Dairy gets all of our milk from just a few carefully chosen family farms located within 20 miles of our dairy. We pay our local family farmers more for providing higher quality milk from healthier cows.

Lamer’s Dairy pays our local family farmers an additional incentive not to use hormones that artificially stimulate their cows to produce more milk. Lamer’s Dairy Dairyland’s Best milk has never contained artificial hormones and never will. Our family farmers sign a notarized affidavit that promises they will never use artifical hormones like rBGH or rBST.