Keewaydin Farms

Keewaydin Farm
Viola, WI
Rufus Haucke

Keewaydin Farms was founded in 1976 as a dairy enterprise, run by Richard and Mary Haucke. While, at that time, they were not certified organic, they held strong beliefs in their roles as stewards of the land. Spraying was kept to a minimum and animals were given ample pasture to graze in the summer months. In the spirit of true sustainable farming practices, they raised all their own feed for the animals and fertilized the fields with compost from the farm. As people who had come from urban environments they envisioned a farm where they would raise their children, and instill in them the sense of community and family offered from rural living.

In 2002, after several years of travel and exploration, all three siblings; Jessica, Rufus and Jacob Haucke bought the farm with hopes of carrying on the family tradition. Having been taught the philosophies and practicalities of good stewardship, they collectively felt organic agriculture was their next natural step. Today, Keewaydin Farms is run by Rufus Haucke with help from his children Karma and Aurora.  They raise 15 acres of  garden produce for a Community Supported Agriculture program and wholesale markets. The farm is Certified Organic by MOSA.

Located at the end of  Haucke Lane in beautiful rural Southwestern Wisconsin, Keewaydin Farms enjoys the serenity found only in the most quiet of places. A place where the scenery nourishes the soul, and bounty of the farm nourishes the body. A place where three generations of the Haucke family strive to strike a balance with Mother Earth in hopes of preserving the land for future generations of organic farmers. In these times of global markets, Keewaydin Farms is rooted in providing high quality products to its local community, because we believe these products are not only better for the planet as a whole but that people who eat locally grown products are eating healthier, better-tasting goods.