Karma Kombucha

Karma Kombucha
Susan Fink
Vernon Hills, IL
Certified Organic



Who We Are: I have always had a strong interest in food and culinary which led me to the University of Wisconsin where I majored in Food Science. After graduating, I joined corporate America and was fortunate throughout most of my career to have worked on healthy initiatives where I felt I could make a positive contribution. Through one of these initiatives, I was first introduced to kombucha. In talking with consumers, we heard folks, especially 45-65 year olds, talk about the need to detox and eat to live, not live to eat. Kombucha was a solution that was providing them with beneficial results.

I starting drinking the commercial brands and quickly became a zealot! After reading everything I could get my hands on regarding the science of kombucha, I started home brewing as a hobby. Then fueled by my inquisitive nature, I began experimenting feverishly. It quickly became my passion. Hundreds of gallon batches soon turned into two gallon batches and eventually 30 gallon batches brewed in large pots. Our kitchen was a bit of a curiosity to guests with jars of SCOBY’s everywhere and the faint hint of vinegar wafting through the air!

In 2010, I was downsized which turned out to be a blessing. Conscious Mind Products LLC was formed in March 2011 and Karma Kombucha soon became a dream come true. Today we are craft brewing in the centuries-old traditional style to produce high quality, great-tasting, authentic kombucha. Our product is produced with integrity and an omnipresent conscious mind. We hope you enjoy our booch. Drop us a line and let us know what you think.


We proudly

  • Support organic farming and fair trade. All of our teas and sugar are certified Fair Trade and organic which require ongoing audits and annual re-certification.
  • Pledge to reduce carbon emissions on an ongoing basis.
  • Our location is close to our homes so our commute is via foot or bike.
  • Most of our marketing events utilize bikes with trailers for human-powered mobile sampling.
  • We use human power versus electrical/gas powered, mechanical methods for most of our operations.
  • We converted to high efficiency heating and air conditioning systems in our facility.
  • We converted to more energy efficient lighting, however, rely heavily on natural sunlight.
  • We are evaluating alternative energy sources including solar and wind and continuously assess employing the most energy efficient equipment.
  • Embody the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle).
  • We recycled most of the construction and packing materials during our build-out.
  • Much of our equipment and furnishings were purchased used and repurposed.
  • Our spent tea leaves are composted and used by a local community supported agriculture (CSA) organic farmer providing a no-waste manufacturing process.
  • The boxes in which our bottles arrive are reused for outgoing distribution.
  • We recycle everything imaginable.
  • Make a positive contribution to the communities we serve.
  • We promote healthy, active lifestyles and support local athletic events.
  • We help organize community cleanup efforts to nurture our environment.
  • We actively promote backyard composting and gardening.