Ioerger Family Farm

Ioerger family Farm
Minonk IL
Lowell Ioerger

Ioerger Farms has been in the same family for over 150 years, Lowell took over in 1983 . We have 15 acres of vegetables that are raised organic although I am not certified with any agency. We also raise beef, chickens, and some pork from time to time. We have a kitchen that is inspected by the county and state certified to can jellies, jams, and high acid products (salsa, pickels). I have myself my wife Janet and 4 children involved in the operation with 2 grandchildren soon to help. We also have 20,000 sq. feet of greenhouses that we do off season production in. In the off season we raise strawberries, tomato, peppers, lettece, flowers, and cucumbers. Our greenhouses are heated in the winter using a biomass boiler unit burning the corn cobs from the corn raised here.