Hometown Acres

Hometown Acres
Crystal Lake, IL
John Difrancisco

We grow and sell salad mixes composed of various microgreens, which are pound for pound some of the healthiest plants you can eat! That's right, the healthiest. Studies have shown that microgreens are four to forty times more nutrient dense than their full grown counterparts.

We grow multiple varieties of microgreens, mix them into salad blends and even serve them as individual crops. Unfortunately access to healthy vegetables is, quite frankly, almost impossible these days, especially during our long winters. The produce we buy in the stores, shipped mostly from thousands of miles away, is almost dead on arrival. The gourmet home shipment companies are inaccessible for most and even for those that pay the extra cost for "healthy food delivery", well the companies are so large in scale that their quality is lacking.

The best stuff in life is home grown, and that's how we run this farm. We deliver to our drop-off location here in our city within just a few hours after harvest. We provide the freshest, most nutrient dense veggie mixes around and pride ourselves on giving our community access to these incredible crops.

Small scale intensive models of farming are more about community bonds than they are about the actual farming and tasks it requires to see the final product. We believe that everyone deserves to have real food on their plate, the type of food that's beaming with the nutrients our bodies need to stay happy. The farmer is a servant first, and must produce the best possible product he or she can, because nothing short of best is what we all deserve when it comes to our health. Serving this food is a privilege that we feel very blessed to take part in.

We're a small operation, preferring to opt out of the USDA organic certification because our practices are just better. Simple as that. We use zero pesticides, insecticides or herbicides because we don't want to commit integrity suicide. We desire to continue growing into an operation that can provide for more of us, and we're proud to serve whomever we can in and around our hometown of Crystal Lake, Illinois.