Graceland Fruit

Graceland Fruit
Frankfort MI
Jim Nugent
Dried Cranberries


At Graceland Fruit, we believe everyone deserves access to the taste and wholesomeness of fresh fruit all year long.  We know the drying process like nobody else in the world and have a deep passion for what we do.  That's why some of the largest and most prestigious food companies in the world add our premium dried fruits to their products.  And, why consumers around the world are discovering the delicious flavor, versatility and nutrition of our dried fruits.

Located in the heart of America’s largest tart cherry growing region, we are one of the largest single providers of infused dried fruits in the world. We primarily produce infused dried fruits such as cranberries, cherries, wild and cultivated blueberries and apples. Graceland’s products are sold in the United States and over fifty other countries around the world.

The fresh, flavorful taste of our premium dried fruits is produced with patented drying, freezing and processing technologies. The same exceptional quality, dependable performance and a continuing commitment to innovation that have made us an award-winning company in the food industry also go into every package of dried fruits sold for home kitchens.

Our uncompromised commitment to premium quality, dependable performance and food safety is unmatched. Only quality graded fresh frozen fruits are used to produce our products, all of which are heat processed and pasteurized to ensure safety. All Graceland Fruit products meet the standards set by the National Food Processors Association and the American Institute of Baking.