Vargo Brother Ferments

Sebastian Vargo & wife Taylor Hanna, two Chicago based chefs, are the duo behind Vargo Brother Ferments – a pandemic project turned full-time pickle operation born out of love for old school fermentation and preservation.
When Sebastian began selling kraut and pickles to friends back in June 2020, he had no expectation that VBF would be what it is today.

Their rotating menu of seasonal concoctions features a line-up of up to 15 different condiments, hot sauces, salsas, kraut and jams. You can find VBF products in stores throughout Chicago, online for nationwide shipping, and in bulk for professionals looking to add fermented foods to their menu. In addition to their full range of food products, they often collaborate with local restaurants and are active in the Chicago pop up scene.

This project is a culmination of both their journeys in food – Fermentation connects them to their love of cooking and experimenting with flavor. They aim to make these flavors accessible for all folks. They believe in the product they’re making and they’re excited to reap the benefits with their customers.