Seedling Fruit Farm

Farmer Pete Klein and his crew tend to over 5,000 trees on their 81 acres to grow 80 varieties of fruit on their fertile land in South Haven, Michigan, known as Seedlings fruit farm. Their variety is mind-blowing!

  •  25 types of apples
  •  12 types of peaches
  •  12 types of cherries
  •  6 types of pears
  •  5 types of plums

Seedlings also enjoys growing lesser known fruit such as logan berries, paw paw, cucamelons, quince, currants and figs to name just a few.

While a single varietal of their fruit may be different shapes, sizes, and occasionally marked/bruised, it is guaranteed to be perfectly ripe, juicy and nutritious. Allowing the fruit to hang on the tree for as long as possible to reach peak ripeness makes it more difficult to ship and deliver to customers, but it results in the best tasting fruit and that is their top priority.

Seedlings, certified by the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program, is entirely dedicated to regenerative agricultural practices. By never spraying pesticides, avoiding tillage, planting cover crops, building buffer strips to prevent erosion and using drip irrigation to help with water retention, they are dedicated to preserving the land for generations to come.