Krazy Kluckers Farm

Krazy Kluckers is a first-generation husband & wife team that are committed to raising their poultry humanely and entirely on pasture without the use of antibiotics or hormones. They use mobile coops for safely from storms and for shade from the heat. Otherwise, their birds are 100% on pasture. For that reason, they only raise birds from spring through autumn. Their birds eat a genuinely natural pasture diet that is supplemented by a clean, non-GMO feed if necessary (in cases of drought, for example.)

They are also one of the few farms that raise traditional Cornish hens. This is a heritage breed that is smaller than the typical chicken. Traditional Cornish Hens raised on pasture are more flavorful and nutrient-rich, and a whole bird can be roasted in about 45 minutes, a fraction of the time of a larger bird.