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    Fresh Picks Box

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  • A Featured Community Partner

    Donate to Advocates for Urban Agriculture (AUA) is a coalition of individuals, organizations and businesses working to support and expand sustainable agriculture in the Chicago area, from home- and community-based growing to market gardens and small farms. Set quantity for desired amount.

    A Featured Community Partner

  • A Tip for Drivers & Crew

    You have asked for an easy way to tip our friendly drivers and awesome crew even if you are not home, so here you go! Tips are optional but appreciated. 85% to drivers, 15% to Crew. Set quantity for desired amount.

    A Tip for Drivers & Crew

  • Apple Rings, Dried

    4 oz. Certified Organic. Just evaporated apples, no other ingredients.

    Apple Rings, Dried

  • Apples Gala each

    Small size apple, locally grown from Hillside Orchards, MI.

    Apples Gala each

  • Apples Granny each

    Certified Organic

    Apples Granny each

  • Aronia Berries, dried 5 oz.

    SALE! SAVE 50%! Local, great source of antioxidants, grown without herbicides or pesticides. Good for snacking, with cereal, yogurt or salads.

    Aronia Berries, dried 5 oz.

  • Aronia Berries, Frozen 16 oz.

    Local, great source of antioxidants, grown without herbicides or pesticides. Great in smoothies, muffins, pancakes and more.

    Aronia Berries, Frozen 16 oz.

  • Arugula, Baby 6 oz

    Local from Springdale Farm, WI.

    Arugula, Baby 6 oz

  • Asparagus 1 lb bunch

    Local from Mick Klug Farms, St. Joseph, MI

    Asparagus 1 lb bunch

  • Avocado, Haas

    Certified Organic

    Avocado, Haas

  • Banana  each

    Certified Organic, imported

    Banana each

  • Banana Chips 1 pint

    Sweetened. Certified Organic. Vegan. Ingredients: Organic Bananas, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cane Sugar. Avg. 6 oz per pint.

    Banana Chips 1 pint

  • Basil, 2 oz. bunch

    Certified Organic

    Basil, 2 oz. bunch

  • Beets, Red 1 lb

    Certified Organic.

    Beets, Red 1 lb

  • Blueberries, Frozen 16 oz.

    Local, Sustainably Grown by Moss Funnel Farms in Bangor, MI.

    Blueberries, Frozen 16 oz.

  • Bone Broth Box

    Grass-fed bone broths are full of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Enjoy them by themselves or work them into soups or stews. The Box Includes 2 packs of Beef Bones, 1 lb Carrots, 1 Celery, 1 Yellow Onion, 1 Garlic, Thyme, Bay Leaves & 1 Leek. Everything you need to make a great bone broth!

    Bone Broth Box

  • Broccoli, bunch

    Certified Organic, CA.

    Broccoli, bunch

  • Burdock root 10 oz

    Potent Blood Cleanser!! Local Certified Organic from Harmony Valley

    Burdock root 10 oz

  • Cabbage Green, 1 head

    Locally grown from Springdale Farm, WI.

    Cabbage Green, 1 head

  • Cabbage, Red 1 head

    Local Sustainably Grown from K & A Farms

    Cabbage, Red 1 head

  • Carrots baby 1 lb.

    Certified Organic,CA

    Carrots baby 1 lb.

  • Carrots, 1 lb

    Certified Organic, CA.

    Carrots, 1 lb

  • Cauliflower

    Certified Organic, CA


  • Celery bunch

    Certified Organic

    Celery bunch

  • Chard, bunch

    Certified Organic

    Chard, bunch

  • Chives bunch

    Local organically grown from Smits Farm IL

    Chives bunch

  • Cilantro bunch

    Certified Organic

    Cilantro bunch

  • Collard Greens, bunch

    Certified Organic

    Collard Greens, bunch

  • Cranberries, dried 8 oz.

    Certified Organic

    Cranberries, dried 8 oz.

  • Cranberries, frozen 1 pint

    Local Certified Organic from James Lake Farms, WI.

    Cranberries, frozen 1 pint


Showing 1 - 30 of 113