8 oz. Stone-ground locally made with ... Mustard, Dill Pickle $4.95
8 oz. Stone-ground locally made with ... Mustard, Red Jalapeno $4.95
Locally made with all natural ingredi... Mustard, Stone Ground 8 oz $4.95
Certified Organic from Baugher's Ranc... Nuts, Almonds 8 oz. $7.95
Certified Organic from Gibson's, CA. Nuts, Walnuts 8 oz. $7.95
16.9 Oz. Oil, Avocado $16.95
1 Liter. Certified Organic Extra Virg... Olive Oil, Extra Virgin $18.99
with Mushrooms, Local from LocalFolks... Pasta Sauce, Garden Veg 24 oz. $6.99
16 oz. jar, Locally made, grown and p... Pasta Sauce, Garlic Lovers $6.99
Local from LocalFolks Foods, Sheridan... Pasta Sauce, Marinara, 24 oz. $6.99
Locally made from Portabello mushroom... Pasta Sauce, Portabello $6.99
Locally made from wild mushrooms grow... Pasta Sauce, Wild Mushroom $6.99