Chocolate, Pink Salt Caramel

Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt Caramel Bar. 3 oz. From Vosges in Chicago. Rich, burnt, delicately salted caramel trickles out of this dark chocolate bar like the lava of the volcanoes in the Himalayas, where the sparkling pink salt crystals are mined. Pink Himalayan salt has an ancient energy, nutritive qualities and a delicate flavor, all of which perfectly compliment sweet caramel and earthy cacao.

Chocolate, Pink Salt Caramel

Ingredients :  Dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin - an emulsifier, vanilla), caramel (organic cream, rice syrup, evaporated organic cane juice, water, organic sugar, Pink Himalayan sea salt, organic soy lecithin). 

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