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  • A Tip for Drivers & Crew

    You have asked for an easy way to tip our friendly drivers and awesome crew even if you are not home, so here you go! Tips are optional but appreciated. 85% to drivers, 15% to Crew. Set quantity for desired amount.

    A Tip for Drivers & Crew

  • Bread, Lemon Cake

    NEW! 13 oz loaf. From Hungry Monkey Baking Company in Lake Forest. Lighter than a pound cake, yet rich, moist and super lemony. Perfect for breakfast or dessert. Frozen

    Bread, Lemon Cake

  • Brownies, Triple Chocolate

    NEW! 3 brownies per pack (8 oz) From Hungry Monkey Baking Company in Lake Forest. Decadently rich and moist, made with 3 different types of chocolate: semi-sweet & bittersweet chocolates from Chicago Chocolatier, Blommer Chocolate, and cocoa powder imported from Belgium. Frozen

    Brownies, Triple Chocolate

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana

    Peanut Butter Banana Milk Chocolate Bar. 2 oz. From Wild Ophelia in Chicago. A sweet, mild flavored banana with a honeyed smell, blended with roasted peanut butter and rich milk chocolate.

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana

  • Chocolate, Barcelona Bar

    3 oz. From Vosges in Chicago. Deep milk chocolate melts into the mineral and sumptuous taste of Fleur de Sel Grey sea salt and roasted almonds, reminiscent of Marcona, Spain.

    Chocolate, Barcelona Bar

  • Chocolate, Dark Choco Bacon

    Mo's Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar. 3 oz. From Vosges in Chicago. Sulfite-free hickory smoked bacon is baked in small batches before they hand chop it into fine nibbles. Alderwood smoked salt exudes a campfire aroma and perfectly offsets the sweetness of the chocolate.

    Chocolate, Dark Choco Bacon

  • Chocolate, Pink Salt Caramel

    Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt Caramel Bar. 3 oz. From Vosges in Chicago. Rich, burnt, delicately salted caramel trickles out of this dark chocolate bar like the lava of the volcanoes in the Himalayas, where the sparkling pink salt crystals are mined. Pink Himalayan salt has an ancient energy, nutritive qualities and a delicate flavor, all of which perfectly compliment sweet caramel and earthy cacao.

    Chocolate, Pink Salt Caramel

  • Chocolate, Pomegranate & Goji

    Super Dark // 3 oz. // Gluten Free & Vegan // From Vosges in Chicago. Pomegranates and goji berries add a welcomed texture and floral, fruity flavors that enhance similar notes in the dark chocolate. Both fruits have been cultivated since ancient times; pomegranates for their detoxification effects that slow aging, prevent cell damage and improve heart health, and goji berries as a remedy for asthma and allergies. Indulge in nature's finest flavors with gratitude for their added benefits.

    Chocolate, Pomegranate & Goji

  • Pie, Bang Bang Choco Pecan

    NEW! Full pie from Bang Bang Pie in Chicago. A Bang Bang Classic! Their Chocolate Pecan pie is made with a combination of toasted pecans, sorghum, maple syrup and dark chocolate in our house-made graham cracker crust. A decadent treat post your holiday meal with hot hot coffee or a nip of bourbon! Ingredients: Graham Cracker Crust- butter, sugar, molasses, honey, flour, cinnamon, baking soda, salt. Filling- dark chocolate, maple syrup, sorghum syrup, molasses, sugar, heavy cream, butter, vanilla extract, salt, eggs, pecans, dark chocolate. Frozen

    Pie, Bang Bang Choco Pecan


9 Item(s)