Half gallon of Traditional Whole Milk... Traditional Whole Milk Half Gallon $4.29
Rich and creamy, locally made chocola... Chocolate Milk Quart $2.69
From award-winning Carr Valley. Back ... Glacier Blue Cheese $5.99
5 oz from Carr Valley. This white che... Carr Valley Apple Smoked Cheddar $7.49
5.6 oz from Carr Valley. An incredibl... Carr Valley Crema Kasa Cheese $6.99
Average 7.5 oz. from Carr Valley, WI.... Carr Valley Feta $6.49
7 oz from Prairie Fruit Farms, IL. A ... Prairie Fruit Farms Feta (Goat's milk) $9.99
Cow milk feta cheese, local from Odys... Odyssey Feta $7.49
From award-winning Carr Valley. Cream... Carr Valley Havarti Cheese $7.49
12 oz. of gluten free and vegan egg r... Egg Replacer $4.69
5 oz. A Dutch style cheese made in th... Carr Valley Aged Gouda Cheese $6.99
5 oz. parmesan cheese block. Local fr... Carr Valley Parmesan Cheese $6.89