Handcrafted from Nordic Creamery. A G... Cheese, Capriko 8 oz $6.25
Local and Certified Organic Shredded ... Cheese, Cheddar Shredded 6 oz $5.99
Certified Organic Kosher from the Org... Cheese, Cream 8 oz $3.99
5.6 oz from Carr Valley. An incredibl... Cheese, Creama Kasa $5.95
6 oz from Carr Valley. Back room Trat... Cheese, Glacier Blue $4.49
5.5 oz from Carr Valley. Creamy chees... Cheese, Havarti $5.95
6oz Fresh style cow milk cheese, made... Cheese, Jersey Gournay $7.49
6oz Organic Muenster Cheese Slices. Cheese, Muenster Sliced 6oz $6.49
Local from Nordic Creamery, WI Cheese, Parmesan 8 oz $6.95
6 oz. Certified Organic from the fami... Cheese, Provolone Sliced $6.39
8 oz. Certified Organic made within u... Cheese, Raw Sharp Cheddar $8.99
7 oz from Carr Valley, WI. A Greek ch... Cheese, Sheep Feta $6.95