Milk Chocolate 1/2 gal Glass

In Glass Bottle, from Dairyland's Best, Appleton, WI. NOTE: $1.50 Bottle Deposit will be added to the amount listed. The deposit will be credited when the bottle is returned. Local no hormones added from Wisconsin family farms.

Milk Chocolate 1/2 gal Glass

  1. Most excellent Review by Viv from Wisconsin

    Creamy decedance. The best chocolate milk in the history of chocolate milk. I buy it under the pretense of acquiring it for the grandkids. (Posted on 5/28/16)

  2. Like liquid ice cream! Review by Mary from Fond du Lac

    Most delicious chocolate milk I have tasted in all my life (49 years).
    Thank you Lamers for your superior product! (Posted on 11/22/15)

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