Spring Seasonal Share

Fresh Picks is excited to offer you our Spring Seasonal Share, a CSA-style home delivery of the freshest, local foods! 

If life’s crazy pace has kept you from joining our local food community, now’s your chance. Commit to good food and good health.  Commit to a new diet.  Commit to local farms.  Commit to a new you.  No matter your reason we think this is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to really give fresh, healthy eating a try.

It’s super simple to join: Pick Either a Weekly Share or Bi Weekly Share, pay up front, then sit back for the next three months and watch the local organic fruits and vegetables roll in. It’s that easy!  We’ll even provide healthy recipes to help you stay on track.

We are commited to only sending local products in our share so during the early spring you'll sometimes get eggs, prepared products, cheeses or bread in addition to the local fruits and vegetables available. We strongly advise putting any dietary restrictions in the Exlcusions Box on your Account Dashboard page. This way if you're vegan we won't send you any animal products or if you're gluten-free we won't send you any bread.

Of course it wouldn’t be Fresh Picks if we didn’t also allow you to customize it to your heart’s content. Need some eggs or milk? Add it to your order one week.  Don’t like beets? We’ll give you something else. With Fresh Picks you’ll have the flexibility to really make the most out of your seasonal share.

If you are ready to join and make a commitment to your health for the season just email answers@freshpicks.com to get set up!

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Deliveries for this start March 9th and run through May 25th, 2015

  • We know that people may be out of town over spring break so we are happy to extend the share later in the season or pro-rate the price to make up for missed deliveries

  • Choose from weekly (12 Deliveries) for $445 or bi-weekly(6 deliveries) for $225

  • Cost includes the food, delivery and pick up of empty bins.

  • We’ll add in a local staff favorite of the week in addition to your share.

  • The share will consist of 9-12 different vegetables and fruit varieties when in season. * As noted above you may receive other local items like eggs, cheese, bread or prepared items.

  • Food will be delivered to your door in your choice of a classic Fresh Picks Bin or if you’re tight on space a ¾ bushel farm box which can be broken down and returned or simply disposed of