G.O.A.T. Local Turkey Sandwich

This sandwich is loaded with local ingredients and we think it's the greatest of all time.

What You Need To Make This Recipe

Condiments & Sauces Mustard, 8 oz.Stone Ground $4.95
Produce, Vegetables Lettuce, Romaine $2.75
Cheese Cheese, Capriko 8 oz $6.25
Bread Bread, 7 Grain Levain $5.49
  • 5 Min

    Step 1

    Pile on the ingredients to your liking. Toast the bread and cheese in the toaster oven if you please! Sit back, and enjoy!


  • Delightful Pasteries 7-Grain Levain Bread
  • Smoking Goose Sliced Turkey
  • Nordic Creamery Capriko Cheese
  • Mick Klug Honeycrisp Apple
  • Local Romaine Lettuce
  • Local Folks Stone Ground Mustard