G.O.A.T. Local Turkey Sandwich

This sandwich is loaded with local ingredients and we think it's the greatest of all time.

What You Need To Make This Recipe

Start Picking, Produce, Vegetables Romaine Lettuce $2.99
Start Picking, Produce, Fruit Local Honeycrisp Apple per lb. $5.49 $2.99
  • 5 Min

    Step 1

    Pile on the ingredients to your liking. Toast the bread and cheese in the toaster oven if you please! Sit back, and enjoy!


  • Delightful Pasteries 7-Grain Levain Bread
  • Smoking Goose Sliced Turkey
  • Nordic Creamery Capriko Cheese
  • Mick Klug Honeycrisp Apple
  • Local Romaine Lettuce
  • Local Folks Stone Ground Mustard