Jake's Country Meats

Jake's Country Meats

Nate and Lou Ann Robinson
Cassopolis, MI

Nate and Lou Ann Robinson have been farming in Cass County Michigan for 36 years. Nate is a sixth generation farmer. He is part of a lineage of farmers dedicated to agriculture and preserving it for future generations. 

Environmentally sound practices have enabled us to maintain our pastures with rich grass for our animals. A Forest Stewardship Plan has helped us manage our woods and has encouraged new growth that provides cover for wild life, shade for the pigs, as well as trees for fire wood. Sound management practices for the fields and the forest help build a foundation for a sustainable farm; one that will be around for many years, for our children, grand children, and great grand children. 

For 36 years we have raised our hogs outside on pasture and in barns with straw and hay for bedding as well as outdoor access. We do not feed or inject our hogs with antibiotics or hormones and they are fed a vegetarian diet of corn, soybean meal, vitamins and minerals. 

Our son, Jacob, and His wife Andrea manage the crop operation for the farm. Andrea teaches school full time and runs one of the Farmers Markets. They have two sons, Eli and Nolan who both like to help out at the farmers markets and sell sweet corn at the farm. 

Jamie Adams, our daughter, manages the families farrowing farm, taking care of the mama sows and the baby pigs. Jamie takes care of most meat sales at the Farm Store. Sam Adams, Jamie’s husband, gets drafted to help out and takes care of the mowing at the farm. Their son, Parker, likes to ride with his mom as she does her chores.   Our daughter, Lindsay Phillips, and her husband Taylor help out on the farm as well as with the Farmers Markets. Taylor is in the Army National Guard and has served a year in Iraq.  The youngest daughter, Renee, is a marketing major at Western Michigan University and works the Farmers Markets all summer. 


The entire family is involved in some way on the farm. We definitely are a "family farm". Working together as a family presents many challenges; but at the same time, many rewards. We enjoy what we do and feel blessed that our children can have a place in it if they desire.


We added Great Lakes Fish to our products about 4 years ago by working directly with the Biologist of the Chippewa Indian Tribes in the Upper Peninsula. We decided to work with him for several reasons that include supplying our area with great fish from our lakes, being able to pin-point the location of the catch each week and being able to have access to information and research about the sustainability of commercial fishing. We have learned so much about the fishing industry over the years and would love to share it with others. 

The availability of fish varies throughout the year. The fillets are in vacuumed sealed packages and flash frozen day-of-catch. We also carry ready-to-eat smoked fish throughout the year (whitefish, lake trout, salmon.) Whitefish, lake trout, walleye and the Chinook salmon are all caught out of Northern Lake Huron at this time and the fishermen will move into Lake Superior during warmer months. Lake Perch is always caught in Northern Lake Erie.

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  • Fish Walleye fillet

    Wild caught in the clear waters of northern Lake Huron avg .7 lb. Price will be adjusted for actual weight at 17.45/lb

    Fish Walleye fillet


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