Green Zebra Garden

John DuBois
Chicago, IL
Prepared Meals

Green Zebra was born nine years ago of Chef Shawn McClain's respect and appreciation for purity of ingredients, with a specific focus on locally produced, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Today, Chef du Cuisine, Jon DuBois, brings Green Zebra’s dishes to your table with Green Zebra Garden. 

These readymade meals are handmade with ingredients from our farmers, foragers, and members of our community to create a unique dining experience that celebrates the fresh produce of each season. Chef Jon creates exotic curries using ingredients like galangal and kefir lime, fresh handmade pastas which are hand cut, seasonal vegetable dishes from local farms, and more with Green Zebra Garden. We are creating healthy vegetarian dishes with local, fresh ingredients. We are happy to share our kitchen in your home.

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