White Oak Gourmet

White Oak Gourmet
Long Grove, IL
Tom and Lori Leavitt
Prepared Meals

Tom and Lori Leavitt started White Oak Gourmet in 2004. Tom had been a chef in many North Shore restaurants, and was ready to move to their own business so they began a personal chef and catering service. White Oak opened their kitchen in the summer of 2015 and created their wholesale line of fresh packaged foods, which are available all over the northwest burbs, the north shore and greater Chicagoland.

Tom and Lori are committed to supporting our local farmers and keeping the chef-farmer connection strong, and are founding members of Ground Up Chicago, a chef-farmer partnership. 

White Oak is devoted to bringing you the freshest, locally sourced, organic and sustainably produced, meat and vegetables from the Midwest area.  They offer tasty, balanced menu choices. All meals are prepared using the best organic and GMO free ingredients locally sourced in season. They use:

Pastured Poultry and Pork from local farms.
Grass Fed Beef from local farms.
Wild Caught Fish and Shrimp.
Expeller pressed grapeseed and coconut oils, extra virgin olive oil