Tea Squares

Tea Squares
Jordan Buckner
Chicago, IL

TeaSquares is on a mission to create energizing snacks to help people fuel their focus while our social mission is fueling economic development in low-income neighborhoods.

Back in 2016 Jordan  found himself working at a great job, doing creative projects, and working like crazy. He found that between all these hours his focus would inevitably drop to zero. What did he do? Jump to the company snack drawer, but the only snacks we had at the office we’re filled with sugar or unnecessary protein. Realizing what I really needed was a natural snack to help me focused, I set out to create a caffeinated energy snack.

So I got together with my friends Isaac, Adi, Alex (who became my co-founders) and set off to create what would become TeaSquares. We realized that tea contains an energizing combination of naturally occurring caffeine and l-theanine, an amino acid that helps regulate the absorption of caffeine and reduce stress. By infusing our snack bars with organic tea, we created a caffeinated energy snack that tastes good and keeps you focused.

Our team loves to create products that enhance people’s lives, while helping to mentor and teach others along the way. We launched a fellowship program to hire young adults and train them in business, marketing, and sales. For me, it’s about building products that enhance people’s lives while empowering others to do the same.