Harmony Valley Farm

Harmony Valley Farm
Viroqua, WI
Richard de Wilde


Harmony Valley Farm is a family owned, diversified farm with over 40 years of experience producing high quality, organic vegetables and berries. We are located in an isolated valley in southwestern Wisconsin. Our silt loam fields are high in organic matter, humus and biological life. They receive green cover crops, generous amounts of compost and rock powders. Our vegetables are grown and harvested with care and immediately cooled and kept refrigerated. All of our products are certified by the Midwest Organic Services Association(MOSA). This is your assurance of high quality, nutritious, flavorful food produced in a system which does not compromise the farmers or the environment. 

Harmony Valley is a family farm run by us and a crew that varies with the seasons from 15 - 60 team members. The home farm consists of 200 acres of woods, pastures and crop land lying along Spring Creek. We farm additional leased acres bordering the banks of the nearby Bad Axe River for a total of over 100 acres of fresh market produce. Our crops encompass a wide variety of standard and specialty vegetables and berries. We are best known for our season long, high quality salad mix, saute greens and spinach. In the fall and winter months we specialize in root crops

 At Harmony Valley Farm we go beyond basic certified organic farming methods. We have researched and implemented many innovative and cutting edge techniques. To promote soil health and fertility, Richard has developed a system of cover cropping with green manures, applying natural rock powders and incorporating compost. To control pests we provide perennial habitat and nesting sites to our allies; raptors, song birds, bats, wasps and beneficial insects. 
Our latest research involved studying disease suppressive properties of soil amended with compost. We are dedicated to organic farming and believe strongly that it produces the highest quality, best tasting food while protecting the quality of our water and wildlife.