Chicago Primal Gym

Sean Griffin
Chicago, IL
Personalized training fueled by local
food and a sustainable lifestyle

The Primal Picks box was developed in collaboration with Sean Griffin, owner and founder of Chicago Primal Gym.  Located in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood at Sheffield & Belmont, CPG is a brand new small group and semi-private strength & conditioning facility.  CPG customizes training programs for every client regardless of their current fitness level, setting each client up for safe, effective and sustainable results.   

Utilizing a variety of training tools such as kettlebells, sandbags and unique bodyweight movements, CPG exposes clients to an array of fun and high quality training that produces remarkable results and improves clients’ basic movement patterns.   
After working for 3 years at the Green City Market, Sean observed firsthand the benefits of supporting local farmers.  Not only does this support contribute to Chicago’s sustainable and close-knit community, it also provides individuals with the necessary clean nutrition to fuel their bodies for the high intensity exercise that produces optimal training results.  Knowing this, Sean wanted to provide his clients with convenient access to the best groceries that Chicago’s local famers have to offer. 
Irv & Shelly's FreshPicks was a no brainer.  Whether your goals are to improve your physical performance, effortlessly lose weight, increase energy levels, strengthen your immune system, or just plain ‘ol look and feel better, eating the local foods in the Primal Picks box is the perfect choice. 

Primal Picks Contents

The Primal Picks box places an emphasis on high quality and pasture raised animal protein, while completely eliminating toxic foods such as grains, legumes, vegetable oils and added sugars.  Fresh, organic and locally grown vegetables round out the box.  These vegetables provide critical vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for optimal health and vitality.
The cuts of meat in the box were hand selected to ensure optimal levels of healthy saturated fat and omega-3 fatty acids and clean protein, all of which support hormone and cellular function, promote satiety and provide long lasting energy.  Additionally, the exclusion of grains, legumes and other toxic foods reduces insulin production, allowing the body to reduce inflammation and burn stored fat for your daily fuel. 
By making the switch to eating Primal, you say goodbye to the chronic mood and energy swings associated with over consumption of low quality carbohydrates. Throw in a healthy dose of daily movement and you'll experience the added benefit of effortlessly shedding excess body fat!  
With Irv & Shelly's and Chicago Primal Gym, eating Primal has never been easier!