Castle Rock Organic Dairy

Wayne & Carla Kostka
Osseo, WI
Milk & Cheese
Certified Organc & Grass-Fed

Located in green valleys near Foster, Wisconsin, the Kostkas practice stewardship of land, body and soul. They believe in quality and craftsmanship, whether nurturing future generations, churning ice cream, bottling organic milk or handcrafting artisan cheeses in the farmstead creamery. The Kostkas come from 5 generations of farmers. Their son Barry manages the herd while Wayne and Carla manage the dairy plant. The entire milk production is contained on the farm. The family grows their own certified organic feed on their 900 acre farm. The cows graze on fresh pasture daily and are supplemented with some feed just before being milked.

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  • Cheese, Raw Cheddar Sharp

    8 oz. Certified Organic made with unpasteurized milk, from Castle Rock Organic Dairy, Osseo, WI

    Cheese, Raw Cheddar Sharp


1 Item(s)